Australia’s professional beekeepers are our forgotten farmers. These important primary producers are often overlooked when it comes to the effects of drought, bushfire and other natural disasters.

Yet professional beekeepers are the cornerstone of our agricultural industry. They play a vital role in helping to pollinate important food crops for both humans and livestock, in addition to producing delicious Aussie honey from our rugged bushland. Crops like almonds, avocados, blueberries, cucumbers, mangoes, apples and pumpkin rely heavily on pollination by bees.

A scarcity of water and flowering trees mean honey production has fallen sharply, bee populations have suffered, and many honey bees are currently neither producing honey nor pollinating crops. This impact will be felt for many years to come due to a loss of bushland and forests that are relied on to support healthy bee colonies.

We need to support our “littlest livestock”, honey bees, and the beekeepers who care for them. Please help safeguard one of the most important industries in Australian agriculture – Australian apiculture – by making a donation below.

Hive Aid will be overseen by AHBIC, and will provide financial and practical support to professional beekeepers. Our beekeepers receive a $500 pre-paid visa card to use in their local community and $1,000 to spend on bills. They can also take advantage of our Counselling services during these challenging times, and access our Farm Army volunteers.

 If you are a beekeeper registered as a primary producer and require immediate drought and/or bushfire assistance, please register here.