On behalf of Rural Aid and our farming families: thank you.

We are blown away by the generosity that poured in over our Giving Day celebration. You truly showed your Aussie spirit by coming together to rally around our farming families. Thank you Australia, for showing our farmers that you care.

If you didn’t have a chance to join in on our Giving Day, no worries! There is still time to get involved and make a difference in rural Australia. Find out more below.

For our mates in the bush

Chris Neilsen
Warwick, QLD

Two years ago, ferocious bushfires destroyed kilometers of fencing on his property.“The fire in 2019 in this area was devastating,” Chris said.

Earlier this year a team of Rural Aid volunteers lent a hand on Chris’ property.The quiet mountain block bustled with fencing tools and enthusiastic volunteers.

“Now I’ve got six people giving me a hand and things are getting done so quickly,” Chris said during the middle of the volunteer’s visit.

“I know it’s an adventure for them, and I hope it stays an adventure. Because I am deeply indebted to them.”

Megan and John Duncan
Walgett, NSW

The Duncans have received hay and volunteering help from Rural Aid.“It really boosts your morale,” Megan said.“It’s just really lovely to think that other people care. We really appreciated that very, very much.”

Liz and David Hill
Thallon, QLD

Liz and David actively encourage their community to consider Rural Aid’s financial help, if they’re struggling to make ends meet. “It stops people going without the necessities,” David said.“And it actually puts money back into the local economy,” Liz added.

James Neal
Taree, NSW

In March, his farm was hit by the biggest flood James has seen in his lifetime. His 600 cows couldn’t be milked for two days as waters ravaged his dairy and paddocks.

“It was a very stressful time… everyone was physically and mentally exhausted,” James said.A team of Rural Aid volunteers helped James clean up his paddocks, assisting him physically and mentally with his extensive list of recovery jobs.

“We’re lucky we’ve got Rural Aid here to clear some of it [the debris] up.”