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Thanks for your support of the Gift of Music program.

As of Friday, 26 June 2020, we started transitioning the Gift of Music program information over to our general Rural Aid community page. In the past, we’ve been well known for our disaster assistance program: providing hay, drinking water, financial and counselling assistance to farmers, rural and regional communities. Building sustainable, stronger futures for primary producers and rural communities underpins everything we do.

We’re pleased to announce a new remit for community focused support, including schools. All community initiatives, from July 2020, will fall under the auspice of Rural Aid’s Stronger Futures Program.

Schools are a key element of all rural communities and we will continue supporting them as part of our focus on community sustainability. This was evidenced recently with our ‘technology’ for schools initiative to assist rural schools with at-home-learning.

Head over to the community page and check out Rural Aid’s programs supporting our farmers and their communities.

Thanks again for continuing to support our Rural Aid programs.

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On behalf of Lake Albert Public School, students and staff, we take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation for your contribution of musical instruments and Lego.

The musical instruments are being utilised by our school band and the Lego was used for a fundraising raffle to raise funds for our conductor’s fees.

The Lake Albert Public School Community is deeply grateful for your support and generosity.

It is through the support of individuals and corporate representatives like you, that we are able to continue to strengthen our programs, further enhance the educational opportunities for all students and to develop new and innovative projects to help our school community.

A photo of our students enjoying using the new instruments during their band rehearsal.

Again, thank you for making this donation of resources.

Jessica Chapman – Classroom Teacher, The Lake Albert Public School Band Committee

Jessica Chapman – Classroom Teacher, The Lake Albert Public School Band Committee

I would like to take a few minutes to write a thank you for the support you have provided to our school.

I really cannot thank you enough for the donation of the instruments. I can only imagine what the children will be thinking as they play the shiny new instruments in front of their family and peers. The injection of instruments will go a long way in lifting the morale of the students and potentially their enthusiasm for learning how to play.

Then a top it all off there was the donation of Lego and the iPad. I don’t think there has ever been a day in history of Lego or iPads that a child has refused to play with either of those items. Our library will certainly become a very attractive place to hang out with the abundance of Lego. Some children find school lunch times too busy and noisy, so they gravitate to the library for quiet-construction time. This become their happy place, so thank you very much for making that space happier.

I want to thank you one last time before I close this letter, because you and yours were certainly like angels that day.

Mrs Jo-Anne Pozzi – Principal, Stanthorpe State Primary School

“On behalf of the Stanhope Primary School community, I would like extend our appreciation to yourself, Rural Aid Ltd for the donation of the instruments, Lego kits, iPad and books. Please also pass on our thanks to the Australian Army Band who made your donation so ‘tangible’ for our students and brought the meaning of your generous donation to life.

The instruments, kits and books will benefit all our students. The students were absolutely thrilled with the concert. We are heartened and appreciative of our wider community business and members who make such a valuable and caring contribution to our school and the students.”

Christine Owen – Principal, Stanhope Primary School

“As music teachers at Kyabram P -12 College Kim and I cannot thank you enough!

We feel more supported in our work as a result of your recent trip to Kyabram. Since you arrived with all the instruments the following has occurred: ukulele sessions have been set up for our grade 5 /6 students, drumming is planned as a term three music course for most of the primary students, our Junior level band (years 5 – 8) has begun weekly rehearsals and aims to perform at the Bendigo Bands Festival later in the year. None of our students have met the criteria to attend a band festival for several years so we are really excited to have been inspired to meet this aim. And, of a Monday morning assembly time, there is a beeline to collect a new drum by our percussion band who play along to the National Anthem with pride.

Our community’s desire to increase interest in music was waning. Our parents could not take the risk of starting their children on the path of music lessons because they feared ongoing costs despite our effort to provide free ‘come try’ programs. Your generosity has helped us put free instruments in the students’ hands. Several students have been to enrol in lessons since your fun visit with the Army band and because there is now no cost of instrument hire.

There has also been more talk about the benefits of music and the disappointment felt at our numbers dropping out of music courses. I am guessing the stress of drought, water prices and farming issues find their way into depressing the way of life in a country town unless we keep our spirits up. Rural Aid came just in time! We will appreciate these gifts for years to come.”

Sue Meeking – Primary Performing Arts Teacher, Kyabram P-12 College

“On behalf of Longreach State High School and the school community I would like to thank Rural Aid for your recent donation of musical instruments and equipment to further the educational and cultural opportunities of our young people. As a remote, rural school students and their families often struggle with access to quality resources and equipment, particularly if they have an interest in music. Through your donation, a large number of our students have and will continue to have, access to quality instruments and equipment that will enable them to foster, develop and grow their passion of music.

Without the support of Rural Aid and organisations like yours there are many things that young people and families would not be able to access due to hardship, isolation and location.”

Brendan Kruger, Principal – Longreach State High School