Woolworths is Australia’s largest supermarket with over 1000 stores across Australia. Woolworths prides itself on working closely with Australian growers and farmers to ensure the best products are available in its stores and 96% of all fresh fruit and vegetables and 100% of fresh meat is sourced from Australian farmers and growers.

Woolworths is committed to help alleviate the toll the drought has had on rural and regional communities and has partnered with Rural Aid since 2018. More than $8 million has been raised through this partnership, helping Rural Aid provide practical assistance where it’s needed.

Evolution Mining

Evolution Mining is an Australian mid-tier Gold Miner with five operations across Australia and Canada. From humble beginnings they have evolved from a small company into a globally relevant gold mining business with a reputation of delivering value for all stakeholders, and underpinning it all, is their Australian story and spirit. Early in our journey Evolution Mining recognised that they wanted to operate and grow their business, not just with the permission of their community stakeholder groups, but with their active support and partnership to leave a positive legacy in the communities in which they operate.

Evolution Mining invests in their communities to achieve meaningful outcomes that add value to the families and businesses that they work alongside of in their communities. Many of Evolution’s employees, communities and landholders have been impacted by the natural disasters that have affected Qld and NSW, with some of their communities being among the hardest hit and having endured one of the longest droughts in Australia’s recent history. Some of their farming families and communities are struggling in this time of hardship, so Evolution reached out to Rural Aid to partner with us to make a bigger impact across our regions, while ensuring our donation reaches the right people using their extensive networks and relationships in rural Australia. The affects and impacts of the drought across our operational footprint have varied from region to region but Evolution’s commitment to supporting their local landholders and communities remains the same and they are proud to partner with Rural Aid to make a difference in these communities.

Reckitt Benckiser (Finish)

As a leading dishwashing brand, Finish has made a global commitment to make a difference to the world’s water scarcity issue. With Australia experiencing one of the worst droughts it has seen in the past century, Finish came on board as Rural Aid’s Official Water Partner in 2019, working together to launch the #FinishWaterWaste initiative. The initiative encourages Aussies to be more waterwise at home by turning off the tap and stop pre-rinsing dishes, as well as contribute to campaigns involving the delivery of much-needed water to drought-affected Australians. To date, Finish and Rural Aid have delivered 6.8 million litres of water to farmers around Australia as part of the initiative.


At Morgans, their staff and clients are acutely aware of the importance of rural and regional Australia to our economy and the country as a whole. In recognition of this, they created the Big Dry Friday campaign to raise awareness of the plight that many rural communities face during times of drought-related distress.

In 2019, Morgans selected Rural Aid as their sole charity partner for the fundraising campaign due to the tremendous work they do in supporting farmers in rural communities throughout Australia.

This partnership proved to be a successful one, enabling Morgans to distribute $1.3 million to farmers across Australia on Rural Aid’s register. Morgans were thrilled with this achievement which was made possible thanks to Rural Aid’s professionalism and their ability to make a difference where it’s needed most.