Build a bedroom from a shed

byCharles Alder

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Charles Alder

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This Dairy farming family of 4 in northern Victoria need our assistance. Their two bedroom house is splitting at the seams and the eldest boy is looking for his own space. The family built a shed on the farm to run their admin from but have decided to convert it into a room.

As dairy farmers, their income has been slashed over the last 2 years and making the inside of this shed liveable is beyond them at the moment.

So we’ve decided with the assistance of our volunteers that once we’ve raised the funds to purchase the supplies, The Farm Rescue, Tradies and Volunteers will head to site and complete the job.

We need to raise money to purchase the following items, can you help us?

Electrical cable
2 lights
3 switches
Timber frame
Particle Board Flooring
Glass Sliding Door

If you can help make this a reality, please donate above. This is a life changing donation.

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Jeff Sheather $40.00April 12, 2018
KERRY BUGGY $25.00January 18, 2018
Rosemary Jarvis $30.00December 27, 2017
Rochelle Lewis $50.00December 22, 2017
annette linton $100.00December 01, 2017
Genny McGuinness $50.00November 28, 2017
Jennifer Barwick $20.00November 28, 2017
Susan Davies $25.00November 25, 2017
Rebecca Wirth $10.00November 21, 2017
Anonymous $50.00November 20, 2017
Graham Juppenlatz $30.00November 19, 2017
Helen O'Leary $20.00November 18, 2017
Anonymous $20.00November 17, 2017
choco Linnane $50.00November 17, 2017
Anonymous $20.00November 17, 2017
Anonymous $20.00November 17, 2017
Marlene Harris $25.00November 17, 2017
Carol O'Reilly $50.00November 16, 2017
Anonymous $20.00November 16, 2017
William Fleming $20.00November 15, 2017
Elaine Robinson $20.00November 15, 2017