Gayndah Queensland

byCharles Alder

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Gayndah, Australia

Charles Alder

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Feeding cattle which we call “Drought Time, Feed Time” – a view of the dry paddocks, and the daily work of our farmers and graziers to care for our stock.

Our community at work – standing proudly in our main street and erected by and cared for by the Gayndah Community – our beautiful Christmas Tree, erected on the lawns of the Gayndah Court House, which still operates in our main street. The tree is a community asset, purchased by our community members, and is erected annually, and is complimented by the decoration of our main street, Capper Street, by the shop owners.

Our golden vein – a picture showing the beautiful ” Burnett River” storage, at Claude Wharton Weir, just upstream of the town of Gayndah – our lifeblood, and the reason why we are so very fortunate, notwithstanding the current drought.

The reason our citrus still thrives, as shown in the last photograph.