Retail Partners - Rural Aid - Supporting Rural Communities

Make your next shop count

Whether you’re in the market for a box of pasta or a new pair of sunnies, retailers across Australia have partnered with us to make your shop count. By purchasing one of the items below, you will also be donating a portion of the cost to Rural Aid.

Browse all of our partnered products below, and find out how your next shopping spree could make a difference in rural Australia

Bee earrings

Donation: $2 for every pair sold

Where you can find it: Online

Bottles for the Bush
Donation: $0.10 per recycled container
Where you can find it: TOMRA recycling centres and Containers for Change centres

Bright Spark Power
Home and Business Electricity

Donation: Up to $10 donation for every electricity bill that is sent for comparison via the website.

Where you can find it: Online

Entertainment App
Entertainment Book

Donation: 20% of every membership

Where you can find it: Online

Ugly Fish Eyewear

Donation: $2 from every online transaction

Where you can find it: Online

Tradie Utility Cargo Pants
Workwear Group

Donation: $5 for every pair of Trade Utility Cargo Pants

Where you can find it: Online

Good Harvest Co Flour

Donation: $0.10 for every flour sold in Coles

Where you can find it: In Coles supermarkets

Trade For Good

Donation: At least $10 from every trade made on the Australian stockmarket
Where you can find it: Online at

Vetta Pasta

Donation: $0.10 for every pasta sold in Wooloworths

Where you can find it: In Woolworths supermarkets

Greenslip Rewards

Donation: 5% of insurer premium portion

Where you can find it: Online

Skin and Haircare Products
Truth by Nature

Donation: 15% of products sold online

Where you can find it: Online

Spring water 24x600ml pack

Donation: $0.20 from each pack split between Rural Aid, The Salvation Army, Lifeline and Foodbank

Where you can find it: In-store at any Woolworths supermarket, Metro and BIG W


“I wanted to take the time to write to sincerely thank you for your drought assistance. The gift cards that you sent were very much appreciated. As we are about to go into 8 years of drought with minimal to no useful rain in the past 2 years, things have been extremely difficult and it is also difficult to express how much the assistance / support is appreciated. Please pass on my sincere thank you to the citizens and businesses that have contributed to Rural Aid.”

Ray Bennett

“Very much appreciated and very helpful. Cannot tell you how much this helps with trying to maintain our breeding ewes as we go into winter.

Barry and Helen

“Words can’t express our gratitude for the support of ‘Rural Aid’, something we have never considered before. We have always ‘got by’, but our family suggested we apply for this. We are overwhelmed by this generosity, thanks again.”

June and Darryl Joe Kong

“We just want to say a big thank you for the financial assistance that Rural Aid has recently given. We are extremely grateful and it certainly does make a difference.”

Sally Archibald