At Rural Aid, we champion sustainable and resilient agriculture, collaborating with farmers and stakeholders to prioritise locally informed practices. We believe in the power of sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices to improve the livelihoods and well-being of farmers and rural communities, promote food security, and protect the environment. Supporting sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices is key to mitigating the impact of disasters and building resilience in rural communities.

Are you a farmer who wants to learn more about sustainable agricultural practices?

Rural Aid provides funding to support primary producers, across all agricultural sectors, attendance at impactful education courses. Reimbursement of 50% of the course cost up to a maximum of $1000 per farmer will be available. Applications will be accepted until funding for this initiative is exhausted.

The course you attend must:

  • Be future dated. Funding will not be provided for courses already attended.
  • Be facilitated by an organisation with a registered ABN.
  • Be facilitated by a recognised training body or endorsed by an industry body (The organisation must not be owned by yourself or a family member.)
  • Be attended in person (currently no webinar/online courses will be funded)
  • Have a website where information about the course you wish to attend is displayed. The website must provide information on the expected outcomes of the course.
  • Have an aspect or focus on increasing the agri sustainability and resilience of your farming business.
  • Have publicly accessible pricing.



Step 1: Complete the application form (scroll down). Submit the application at least 21 days prior to the course you wish to attend.

Step 2: Rural Aid will reach out via email within fourteen working days of your application submission. The amount we approve is 50% of the course cost up to a maximum of $1000 per farmer to support your course registration. Recipients will need to cover any other expenses, such as travel, and meals not covered in the course registration.

Step 3: Attendance at the course is mandatory for reimbursement eligibility. To successfully receive your reimbursement:

When at the course, take a selfie photo of yourself that shows you at the course (with a program or by some course signage displaying the logo of the organisation).

Step 4: Come back to this page to complete the survey and upload the photo.

Step 4 must be completed within thirty (30) days of attending the course, or you will not be reimbursed.