I don’t require assistance right now, why should I register with Rural Aid?

If you are a Primary ProducerPrimary Producer, you should register with Rural Aid so we know who and where you are. In the instance of a natural disaster in your region, we will be able to activate any assistance you may be eligible for quickly. We may also reach out to you if we are in the area or have location specific aid available.

How does the once off $1000 financial assistance work? Do I need to pay it back?

Before completing the Financial Assistance Application, you must be already registered and be a primary producer. If you are unsure, you can call our friendly team on 1300 327 624. Once you have completed the application, our financial assistance team will review the application and ensure we have the correct details and that you have not already received the one-off assistance. If your application is approved, we will deposit the funds into your nominated bank account, and great news, you don’t need to pay it back as it is a gift! NOTE: Rural Aid’s financial support is available until the allocated funding for specific initiatives is exhausted.

I’m not a primary producer but I still have a farm – am I still eligible for financial assistance?

Unfortunately, no. Our financial assistance is only available to primary producers. We do offer other forms of support such as counselling and information.

I don’t have my ABN/PIC/Primary Producer’s declaration on hand – am I able to submit an incomplete form or save and come back to it later?

Rural Aid cannot approve a Farmer’s profile until we can validate the information supplied. Please have all required information and documentation on-hand while you complete and submit your registration. If you need assistance with any part of this process, please contact us.

How long does the financial assistance application process generally take?

If all the documents you have supplied are correct, the process generally takes 2-3 weeks, depending on how many applications are coming in.

Does Rural Aid provide ongoing assistance or just one-off services? Is there any cost to the Farmer for these services?

Rural Aid provides ongoing assistance based on allocated resources and available funding, there is no cost to the Farmer.
Farmers can access ongoing Mental Health & Wellbeing support from one of our qualified counsellors on an ongoing basis, domestic water once every three months and hay dependent on availability, demand, and timing of hay drops to your region.
NOTE: Rural Aid’s assistance is available until the allocated funding or resources have been exhausted.

I’ve received help from Rural Aid in the past, can I still submit an aid request?

If you continue to operate as a Primary Producer, you may be eligible for ongoing assistance through Rural Aid, within our availability and timeframe guidelines.

How does Rural Aid ensure that resources and financial assistance is not misused?

We assess the needs of recipients prior to providing any assistance and have several verification processes in place. If we don’t believe there is a genuine need for assistance, we will not provide it. Once assistance has been provided, we do not monitor how it is used by recipients.

I receive Farmers Household Allowance/Child Support/Other Government Pensions, am I still eligible for assistance?

Assistance provided by Rural Aid is separate from, and not impacted by any other Government entitlements or support.

I have received assistance from other charitable/non-profit organisations, am I still able to receive assistance from Rural Aid?

Yes, if you are a primary producer.

How will my information be used?

Rural Aid understands the importance of your privacy. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.


Can I choose how or where the money I donate is spent?

We are continually assessing the needs of farmers and rural communities nationally and prioritising our support to meet the greatest need. Unless you have donated to a specific campaign (e.g., Hive Aid, Buy A Bale), we cannot allocate your donation to a specific cause or location.

Do you accept clothing, food, or other items donations?

We are not currently set up to receive physical donations, however, feel free to contact us and we may be able to connect you with someone who would love your donations.

How much of my donation will go to the farmers?

We are committed to ensuring that your donation is used to aid farmers and rural communities. Part of delivering our programs includes overheads and administrative costs; however, we endeavour to keep these as low as possible whilst also ensuring high levels of governance & accountability. Last financial year, 93% of donations were directed to our programs.

Do I get a receipt for my donation? And is it tax deductible?

All donations over $2AUD are tax deductible. You can request an email or postal copy of your receipt, bearing in mind that we do incur an additional cost to mail out. Please ensure you correctly enter your email or postal address details and check your spam and junk mail folders if you do not receive your email receipt.

Communications and socials

How do I unsubscribe from your Newsletter?

To unsubscribe from our Newsletter, scroll to the bottom of the email, click the unsubscribe link and follow the prompts.

Where else can I keep up to date with Rural Aid?

You can subscribe to our newsletter in the footer of our website, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn.


How much does the hay cost the farmer?

Other than the cost to pick the hay up from a local farm distribution point, there is no cost to the farmer.

Where does the hay come from?

Rural Aid sources hay from registered hay suppliers in various locations. As per state biosecurity regulations, vendor declarations from hay suppliers are required and forwarded to each farmer distribution drop point for their records.

I’m registered and verified with Rural Aid; how do I apply to be included in a hay drop?

When we are working in your area, we will contact you to check if you need to be included in the drop. There is a minimum stock count requirement to be included in a fodder drop, and this varies by animal type. The number of bales you are allocated will be based on your stock count and supply/demand in the region.


I’m registered and verified with Rural Aid; how do I apply for domestic water assistance?

You will need to be registered with Rural Aid and have supplied a copy of your primary producers’ declaration.
To submit request for domestic water, send us an email or call us on 1300 327 624. We will contact the water carter of your choice to place an order. The carter will communicate with you directly to arrange delivery.

How many litres of water will I receive in the delivery?

The number of litres of water we can deliver is dependent on the water carters’ capacity.

How often can I receive a load of domestic water?

Registered and verified farmers can access one load of drinking water every 3 months.

What if I don’t have a regular water carter?

If you don’t have a regular carter, our water coordinator will find a licensed water carter in your area and place an order with them. The carter will communicate with you directly to arrange delivery.

Can I get water for my livestock and/or dams?

No. Our program only allows for the delivery of potable water for domestic use.

I’ve already paid for a water delivery; can Rural Aid reimburse me?

Rural Aid cannot reimburse you for a water delivery you have already paid for.


I don’t operate a livestock farm. Can I still get assistance?

If you are classified as a Primary Producer and can provide the necessary documentation, you will be eligible to register for Rural Aid’s assistance.

How do I know if I am already registered with Rural Aid?

To check if you’re already registered with us, send us an email or call us on 1300 327 624.

Okay, I’m registered and verified. How do I apply for assistance?

To submit an aid request, send us an email or call us on 1300 327 624.

FAQ for Volunteering

How can I volunteer with Rural Aid?

  1. Register to volunteer for a recovery or community event.
  2. Create a profile and volunteer through Farm Army
  3. Volunteer at Rural Aid’s head Office located at Indooroopilly Brisbane

Our towns and farmrescue events

How do I know if I’ve been accepted to volunteer at an event?

You will receive confirmation of your registration by email. We will reach out one month, and again one week before the event with specific details.

I have questions about an upcoming event, who can I talk to?

Email our Community Team at

Will I need to organise or book my own accommodation?

We will be staying at a Showgrounds or Racecourse for the duration of an event, so you will need your own caravan, camper trailer, motorhome, or tent. However, there will be no additional cost to you.

When does the event start, and how many days will the event run for?

The event typically runs from Sunday through Saturday, with the working week being Monday to Friday. You will need to arrive in town and be set up and registered by 4pm on the Sunday.

What kind of work will I be doing, and what tools do I need to bring?

The work will involve general repairs and maintenance; small construction jobs; fencing; gardening; painting, etc. Where the events are disaster recovery focused, you will be doing recovery work. We suggest bringing a basic tool kit with you; however, we will provide more information on this closer to the event.  

What kinds of checks and vaccinations will I require?

To participate as a volunteer in any Rural Aid event, you will need a current police check. We also require all volunteers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
As you will be working in rural communities and on farms, we highly recommend that your tetanus vaccination is up to date.

Do I need to bring food? What about knives, forks, and plates, etc?

We will provide three meals a day, plus morning tea. One night a week, on the cook’s night off, we encourage you to eat at a venue in town, or you may prefer to kick back in your caravan and eat-in; it’s up to you. Please bring your own knives, forks & plates.

What if I have specific dietary requirements and/or food allergies?

Please let us know in advance of your specific needs and we will try our best to provide appropriate food for you. However, please understand that this won’t always be possible, and you may need to make your own arrangements.

FAQ for Mental health and wellbeing / counselling

How do I access Rural Aid’s Mental Health & Wellbeing services?

You will need to register with us, however; you do not need to be a Primary Producer or supply a Primary Producer’s Declaration to be eligible for counselling. You can also call our Mental Health & Wellbeing Intake line between 9-5, Monday to Friday on 1300 17 55 94 to have a chat with one of our counsellors. Please note, this is not a crisis line.

What are the minimum qualifications of the Rural Aid counselling team?

All Rural Aid Counsellors are qualified and registered with their governing body, such as the ACA (Australian Counselling Association), or the AASW (Australian Association of Social Workers).

Where, when, and how does the counselling take place?

We want to make this experience comfortable and convenient for you. If you would prefer to meet on farm, over the phone or on zoom, we are happy to accommodate you.

Who can access counselling?

We can provide counselling to all members of the farming household.

Is there a limit to how much, or how often I can access counselling services?

There is no limit to the counselling sessions provided. These will be tailored around your identified mental health and wellbeing goals.

How much does the counselling service cost?

Counselling support is free.

FAQ for Corporate and philanthropy

Can I speak with someone about making a significant donation?

Yes, please email and our professional team will contact you as soon as possible. Please be assured that the Philanthropy and Fundraising teams at Rural Aid endorse the Fundraising Institute of Australia code of practice with all enquires and conversations are treated with strict privacy.

How can my company get involved and work together with Rural Aid?

  1. Tell us about your volunteering or other ideas here
  2. Sign up to hold a fundraiser event here

Where can I find Rural Aid’s Annual Reports?

Our Annual Reports are all on our website here.

How do I make a bequest to Rural Aid?

There are several ways to leave a bequest, dependent on what is best for you and your family.
Whole estate gift: This is your entire estate
Residual gift: This is the remainder of your estate after specific gifts have been made
Percentage gift: This can be a percentage of your residual estate or a percentage of your entire estate
Specific gift: This could be a specific cash amount or an item (e.g. real estate, shares, artwork, etc.)

Below is suggested wording to accommodate most bequest provisions. We recommend you seek advice from a solicitor to ensure that the wording of your will reflects your exact wishes.

“I give and bequeath to Rural Aid (ABN 29 6057 835 97) for its general purposes and free of all duties and charges, for its general purposes,

the entirety of my estate; OR

the residual of my estate; OR

the sum of $____; OR

(Insert details of specific gift e.g. real estate, shares, artwork etc)

and declare that an official receipt from Rural Aid shall be sufficient discharge of my executor’s duty.”

Please email: if you are planning to leave a bequest to Rural Aid so that we can assist you and ensure your wishes are followed

Is there a limit to how much, or how often I can access counselling services?

There is no limit to the counselling sessions provided. These will be tailored around your identified mental health and wellbeing goals.

How much does the counselling service cost?

Counselling support is free.