Rural Aid’s assistance for primary producers includes:

Counselling and Wellbeing

Rural Aid offers free, confidential counselling to registered farmers and their family. They conduct counselling at the place that best suits, on farm, in town or over the phone. Rural Aid counsellors are professionally trained to help support people navigate all kinds of life challenges but come with an understanding of the unique needs of rural people.

Counselling Intake Line – 1300 175 594

Rural Aid’s dedicated counselling intake line is staffed by our trained counsellors Monday to Friday 9-5pm AEDST.

Farmers, farming family members and farm workers can all contact this number to gain information about counselling, gain support and complete our intake process to be linked in with a counsellor.

All services are free and the person does not have to be a primary producer; hobby farmers and their family can also access the intake line. Farmers are supported with practical strategies to help them refocus and get back on track.

Financial Assistance

At Rural Aid, we understand how difficult it can be for farmers and families affected by natural disasters. That’s why we offer financial assistance to those who most need it. During times of crisis, we will be providing financial assistance to Local Government Areas (LGAs) affected by natural disasters such as storms, bushfires, floods etc.

Financial Assistance

Rural Aid is currently offering eligible flood affected farms a $500 pre-paid Visa card to use in their local communities


Rural Aid sources and delivers fodder for primary producers when there is a localised need for assistance. If you are in need of fodder assistance, contact us for more information.

Domestic Water

Rural Aid coordinates domestic water deliveries to assist farmers in need of household water. All farmers registered with Rural Aid can request a load of domestic water once per quarter, per farm. We will then use a local water carter to deliver a load of potable water directly to your house tank. We can work with your allocated water carter or find a local licenced carter for you. If you would like to request a load of water, you can email us directly.

Financial Assistance

Rural Aid provides a one-off $1000 payment to farmers to assist them with bills and living expenses. Complete a simple online application form

Pre-Paid Visa Cards

Rural Aid can also provide pre-paid Visa cards to eligible farmers for use in their local communities.

Farm Army Volunteers

Rural Aid offers a job-posting platform called Farm Army that connects volunteers with farmers who need an extra set of hands.

Domestic Water Tanks

Rural Aid is currently accepting expressions of interest (EOI) from farmers who are interested in increasing their domestic water infrastructure. Click the link below for more details on this initiative and for the selection criteria.

Farm Army

The Farm Army is a job posting platform for farmers and workers or volunteers. Farmers can post a variety of jobs on a volunteer or paid basis. They can also offer positions on a contra basis, where applicants work in exchange for meals and/or accommodation. Rural Aid provides the platform where farmers list jobs, but is not involved in the applicant selection process.

Educational Resources

Rural Aid runs a series of Live Chats where rural ‘community builders’ share knowledge of the ways their region is thriving.

Other Support

Rural Aid can also help with specific support measures to meet primary producers’ individual needs. These are measured on a case-by-case basis.

What information will you need to receive assistance with Rural Aid?

  • Primary Producer Declaration (within the last 12 months)
  • Current ABN in your name
  • Current PIC Number (where applicable) in your name