Rural Aid’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Team

Rural Aid is dedicated to improving the mental health outcomes of rural Australia. The Rural Aid Mental Health and Wellbeing team is made up of experienced counsellors who are based in rural towns across the country.

Rural Aid counsellors offer free, confidential support to farmers and their families. Counselling Intake Line – 1300 175 594

Rural Aid’s counsellors are trained to help their communities with a range of services, from early intervention and health promotion, right through to treatment using evidence-based interventions. Rural Aid’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Team prefer to visit farmers on their properties, meaning our counsellors are often (happily) called on to fix fences or drench sheep while they’re having a chat.

Rural Aid has counsellors throughout rural Australia to help address the gaps in mental healthcare for farmers and rural communities.

One conversation with the right person at the right time can change everything