“Agriculture has and always will be close to my heart. My family has deep connections to farming and the cattle industry going back to the 1860s in West Australia’s Pilbara region, and even before that, on farms closer to Perth, and pre that in England. I’m very proud of the pioneering endeavours of my ancestors, who successfully started the agricultural industry in the north west despite huge difficulties.

Our national identity was forged in the bush and the backbone of our country is built on agriculture and mining. These sectors continue to be cornerstones of our Australian economy and living standards – generating revenue and creating jobs and opportunities, indeed enabling Australia to push above its weight and become a G7 nation.

It is vitally important that our food producers – our farmers, are able to get back on their feet quickly, when disaster strikes – be it drought, bushfires, flood or accident.

Rural Aid provides this support before, during and after these disastrous events – giving farming families the hand up they require.

I encourage all Australians to throw their support behind Rural Aid and its ongoing efforts to ensure that “our mates in the bush” are helped when they need it most. We should all be proud of Australia’s fine agricultural produce.”

–Gina Rinehart